Titanium Divers Knife

Titanium Divers Knife
Knives are essential tools on your diving. If you want to know which knives are Navy-Seal-issued, you’ve come to the right place.

Our beta titanium titanium dive knife has been equipped in the US Marine since 2001

Now I will introduce OMK beta titanium knife with all the property and let’s see how it works.

Ocean Master’s Custom-Formulated Beta Titanium knives have attained the highest Rockwell Scale hardness of any titanium knife. Each knife has a razor sharp edge, because each knife is custom ground. (High quality knives often found at cutlery stores also have custom ground edges.) Here each blade gets hand-sharpened before being shipped to you. It’s an extra step they take to enable you to cut easily through sand-encrusted rope, tangling kelp and fishing line.

Never rust.

All stainless steel knives will become rust in salt water after using a period. Everybody want a never-rust diving knife? Some specialist will say “titanium knives”. Yes, titanium knives can satisfy your requirements.

Titanium is a corrosion resistant metal, unlike steel or stainless steel which can be corroded by substances such as fruit acids and salt water. At the same time you shouldn’t worry about the tetanus if you’re hurt by the titanium knife accidently on your diving trip.

OMK beta titanium knives are 40% lighter than conventional diving knives.

Today “light” is the quality standard for all consumer products. Titanium blade can provide faster and easier diving life. Our customers told me they couldn’t feel the existence of the titanium knife.

Are you bored about cleaning the knives frequently?

Yes. Everyone is bored about cleaning and maintain the knives frequently. OMK beta titanium knives can use solar energy to achieve self-cleaning, known as “photo-catalyst effect”, and cut better and longer than ceramic knives and steel knives, without requiring the same precautions.

So, the beta-titanium knife is really all –weather use and you can carry it every day.

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